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Game Localization Services | Affordable and Professional Game localization(Translation) company in India, USA, UK, China, Korea, Russia, Australia

The goal of Game localization is to create an enjoyable, non-confusing play experience for the end user by paying heed to their specific cultural context. The suspension of disbelief is of utmost importance to the process; if a player feels as though the product was not meant for them, or if the localization creates confusion or difficulty in comprehension, this may break immersion and disrupt the player’s ability to continue the game.

Oftentimes localization changes include adjusting a game to consider specific cultural sensitivities.

Video Game localization services

Video game localization refers to the process of transforming video game software and hardware for preparation to be imported and sold in a new region, usually a different country. Although translating the text assets is a large part of localization, the process includes any changes made to a game, including altering art assets, creating new packaging and manuals, recording new audio, transforming hardware, and even cutting out whole portions of the game due to differing cultural sensitivities.

We support Game localization and Translation services for Mobile phone games, Video games, Online games, specific game creations etc.

Get expert Game translations in multiple languages and maximize your game’s global market.

Indian game localization services
Game localization services

Quality assurance is a critical component in multilingual game publishing. Jeenlingua provides Affordable and Professional game Localization services from experienced, multi-platform game translators in over 1000+ language pairs for linguistic context, and overall localized game quality.

You don't have to pay for Repetitive words, Just pay for New words, with our advanced tools and technology softwares, you will get consistent terminology and right word count.

Jeenlingua Translation provides the following specialized services:

  • Localization project management and planning
  • User interface localization
  • Localization of user manuals and print materials
  • Game script translations
  • Graphics localization
  • Game testing
  • Localization of game marketing collateral

Jeenlingua Translation's  game localization services are designed to deliver clarity and cultural sensitivity to your target market.

The Key stages of Game Globalization:

1. Working file formats given by the client.

2. Given a quote as per New word count.

3. Translation process starts in required file format.

4. After Translation, files goes in a proofreading process.

5. Editing has been done for Gaming consistent terminology.

6. Quality control has been performed.

7. Any corrections in localization will be given to client at the free rate till 30 days.

Our translators only work in their native language – so you always get the most accurate translation. And because they’re gamers too, all text remains in the right context.

We Provide Game localization and Translation services to India(Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Karnataka, Hyderabad, Chennai) and worldwide regions like UK, USA, China, Russia, Korea, Australia, New-Zealand, Australia, Japan etc.

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