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Jeenlingua Quality process

Our service workflow, while standard for the industry, is more complex than people new to translation and localization might expect. And because we’re nimble and flexible, we’re able to easily adapt our workflow to meet the particular requirements of your projects.

From our pool of quality professionals, we select the best candidate for the job, based on target native, right qualification, right expertise and experience in the domain.

1.  When we first learn of your work, we perform a management analysis to see if it’s feasible for us to complete it in terms of content, format and deadline.

2.  We make sure that we have the proper resources available to do the job.

3.  Upon approval, we will select the appropriate resources for the job.

4.  Files will be prepared, if needed.

5.  The translation work then begins, including research, editing, proofreading using CAT tools, search engines, terminology lists, terminology databases, external experts—whatever is required to do the job right.

6. At the end, we perform final quality check.

7.  Translated files are delivered to you.

8.  Files are reviewed and approved.

9.  Feedback is implemented.

10.  Final files are delivered to you.

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